5 Benefits of a Learning Organisation

The greatest asset of a company are its employees. They are the ones who have the knowledge and create solutions. But are you doing everything you can for them?

Employees often don’t feel like they contribute, or can contribute to the company as much as they would like to. And therefore, they don’t share their insights and ideas. And this is not what you’re looking for. Learning organisation is all about taking care of your greatest resource – your employees. And making them realise how important they are leads to success. And by becoming a Learning organisation, you achieve exactly that.

So what are the 5 key benefits of becoming a Learning organisation? Keep reading.

1. Happy employees make business more productive

It has been proven that happiness made people 12% more productive  and the great news is you can do something about it! Employees are after all the greatest asset of any company and the return on this investment will pay back for sure. And even though not everyone identifies as a passionate learner, there are multiple benefits of accumulation of knowledge, which makes us happier. But hold on, it’s not only productivity that increases with happiness – so does creativity, collaboration and loyalty. So, improving their happiness means improving your company.

2. Strengthened community and improved collaboration

Since Learning organisations strive to share knowledge and information, it only makes sense to share that knowledge with all your employees by giving them access to information they need in order to learn, and enabling them to share their own knowledge – to boost their faith in the company and feel like they belong. That is also how a community inside the organisation is built, which lowers the chance of conflict, because we are all learning from each other – why fight, when we are all working toward a common goal.

3. Innovation

And when we build a community that encourages knowledge sharing, innovation is the next to step in place. Ever heard of “Teamwork makes the dream work”? Well that’s certainly true and by sharing problems with each other, employees are much more likely to get to a solution. And by sharing ideas they can only get bigger and brighter. So encouraging brainstorming, ideas and collaboration is the way to go.

4. Higher Efficiency

When the employees are no longer afraid and they learn to brainstorm and share insights inside the business, the company gets another benefit – much greater efficiency. Problems can now be resolved inside the company with much lower costs.

5. Continuous improvement

When you commit to being a Learning organisation, the learning never ends. It’s not enough for the employees in your organisation to learn new skills – the organisation as a whole needs to learn and adapt for long term success. You can always get better by reflecting and learning from your mistakes. Analysis can help you grow and improve your strategies. Don’t be afraid of admitting that something didn’t work – after all, you’re learning, and by learning you can only get better.

A Learning Organisation is an organisation that makes a working environment enhance the employees personal and professional growth and uses the best potential of its employees.


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