Academic Economic Congress (AEC) 2019

The gathering at the international conference was a good example of upgrading and strenghthening out cooperation and we are grateful to grow together and to encourage and strengthen us with new initiatives and guidelines. With this we are stronger, louder, more penetrating, and our community of collaborations through the concept of Learning Organizations is expanding.

At the Academic Economic Congress we hosted 12 countries from different parts of the world, bringing together various experts from the field of economy, education, public administration, older active citizens, students and professors. We are happy for you and we hope you have managed to establish positive contacts, which will in the future also build cooperation and good business relationships.

This year, the certification process Learning Brand was concluded by 18 organizations and, according to your choice, this was the first time that we presented the lecturer’s recognition in 2019 and the educational agency in 2019. The fascinating title was given to the Agency Poti and lecturer Ksenija Benedetti.

The discussions of the roundtable was anchored in the premise that digitalization is an increasingly important role in the sustainable economy. The great power of robotization and digitalization can be one of the keys to success, including by opening new pathways of development and helping companies gain access to global success.

Thanks to all of you who sent suggestions to support the work of those who are ready to spread and transfer knowledge to others.

Photo gallery of the Academic Economics Congress of 2019

can be viewed here.