Learning Points trigger various ways of perceiving information in individuals. They also have other advantages and benefits: they help to increase knowledge about new developments which only certain target groups know about, they promote knowledge, places or organisations where they are placed. Learning points help further develop the knowledge of individuals and they connect knowledge at various levels in a simple, yet effective way. Learning Points enhance the recognisability of companies and individuals in their own country and abroad. They are attractive to domastic and foreign tourists. Viewing a Learning Point can be combined with a visit to an organisation or the surrounding area where the Learning Point is placed; it represents a special experience to individuals or groups of people.

A Learning Point can be set up by any organisation (public or private) or an individual who believes that it can present a useful teaching content. For companies, involved in the Learning Brand process, setting up to 5 Learning Points is complimentary.

So far, Learning Points have been set up in Ljubljana, Bohinj, Ptuj, Maribor and Ljutomer and the enablers are able to choose from the colors below:

To everyone that’s interested in participating in the project, please contact us through the form below.

The purpose of the project is to present individuals or groups who have exceeded their employers’ expectations in terms of varied knowledge, ideas, work methods and results, and assist them in finding jobs and/or organisations to better support them and present their qualities to potential investors. Ambassadors of Knowledge is already established in 30 different countries globally.

The project connects individuals/groups throughout the globe, increases employment and enhances collaboration at the global level by providing opportunities for collaboration for organisations and individuals with different expertise, nationality, race, religion and political affiliation.

Individuals or groups are awarded Ambassadors of Knowledge status at the event called the Academic Economic Congress (AEC).

You can read more about the project here.

Sharing knowledge through books is still very actual and important for all generations. With this purpose we organised a meeting of authors and a sale of books by different authors at our yearly event – Academic Economic Congress. Interest for the purchase of books was larger than the books on the market.

On this occasion, we turn to all authors not to overlook this invitation and please remind us about your new books you write in past two year.

Send info to:, or through the form below.

If you wish to participate in our yearly “Power of Knowledge” edition as an author or a sponsor, feel free to contact us at: or through the form below.

This is an event where various mentoring programmes are presented and the creators of said programmes, from various institutions, as well as users needing mentoring programmes in their organisations meet.

The conference is hosted in a different country every year to ensure great variety in terms of presented programmes and enhanced connectivity of creators and users.

If you wish to participate as a speaker or a sponsor, feel free to contact us at: or through the form below.

Created with the intention to harmonize interests, upgrade the existing activities and build new bridges of cooperation, we have built the expert council. Through it, ideas and opinions are shared – about cooperation in Learning Organisations and all the participants are welcomed to share their challenges, solutions and even guide others through the processes in their own company. This way, we create a new world of connecting knowledge and we evolve all the organisations, included in the process.

All directors and HR managers, as well as other coworkers are kindly invited to join the team. There is no membership fee and meetings take place twice in a year.

For any enquiries please contact Anamari K. Orehek: or +386 (1) 620 32 28 or +386 31 672 296

We are also proud of our other Projects: One Planet – one Vision, Let’s Talk by Walk, Save the Food and Save the World with Knowledge.

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