Successful work from home requires the right choice of communication tools and channels

Sometimes situations force us into situations, which are a challenge for every organization. The experience of the Corona virus pandemic this year, however is extreme and is not only a challenge but also a difficult test for all organizations. Most organizations have opted to work from home. In order for an organization to ensure successful […]

organizational climate

We improved the climate, but employees are leaving

An organization is a living organism that is constantly evolving and changing. There’s something going on in it all the time. New employees are coming, some are leaving, age and education structures are changing, and business is changing – and the organization is constantly adjusting to this. Sometimes the decision to join or buy another […]

Organizational Climate: What is it and 3 ways to create a good one

The profit and success of an organization matter for sure, but new businesses and profit can never matter more than the employees – that make these happen. When a company appreciates the annual results more than the employees, the employees quickly find another job, where their work is appreciated and they feel respected and enthusiastic. […]

learning organisation

Organisational Learning in small enterprises and schools

A common misconception is that only corporations and big companies can afford to become a Learning Organisation and improve their business. But that is not the case at all. An increasing number of organisations are becoming aware of the fact that Learning and knowledge are the main ingredients without which they will not be able […]