Is your company a team of winners?

Would you say your company is a team of winners? What would your employees answer to that question be?

First, we need to focus on the definition of “The Winners Team”. The best way to explain this term is that it is a team that works creatively and does its job well in the scheduled time. Teams like this are what every leader wants. However, more and more executives are also aware that they are responsible for creating an environment in the organization where employees feel well and secure and want to remain in the organization.

Employee turnover  creates costs for the company and, moreover, has a negative effect on the company’s climate, which is felt by other employees, who may soon be asking themselves, “Are there better opportunities waiting for me out there?”                              

What can employers do to keep the good employees and develop productivity, and what does a company need to do today to have more satisfied, successful and more competent employees than the competition in five years?