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Life Learning Club platform offers a first-class seminars for sophisticated audiences in the EU region and abroad. Beyond the scope of routine event management, Life Learning Club is focused on transforming the concept of seminars and conferences. It brings together the world’s most prominent leaders, speakers, and authors from a wide range of fields. The aim is not only to hold discussions, but to hold discussions which develop solutions for the world we live in.

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We are offering you exclusive discounts (10-30%) on all educational events, that our partners conduct, as well as a discount on registration fees for conferences and events like Academic-Economics Congress (AEC),  Mentorship conference, Ambassadors of Knowledge event etc.). Besides that…

• You get the chance to join our business excursions and visits that we organise for our members – to Brussels, Malta etc.

• An endless possibility of connecting and networking

• You may use discounts for other benefits like proofreading, translations, books etc.

• You may participate in our projects.

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You may access the exclusive discounts (10-30% - only through our organisation) with our lecturers and partners, stated below:

Our lecturers:

Natalie Postružnik

Natalie Postružnik

Bojana Košnik

Bojana Košnik

Danijela Brečko

Danijela Brečko

Our partner institutions and their special offers:

10% popust na vsa izobraževanja

– Communication

– Etiquette & protocol

– Motivation

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Our programmes:

  • All about communication
  • Etiquette and protocol
  • Communication inside the Organisation
  • Motivation of employees


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For others, membership fees are: 25€ for individuals and 350€ for companies.

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