Organizational Climate: What is it and 3 ways to create a good one

The profit and success of an organization matter for sure, but new businesses and profit can never matter more than the employees - that make these happen.

When a company appreciates the annual results more than the employees, the employees quickly find another job, where their work is appreciated and they feel respected and enthusiastic. If you don’t know yet – money is not the biggest motivator. We all have different needs and get motivated by different factors and maybe you’ll be surprised to hear that a lot of them has no connection to money at all.

So in order for a company to attract and keep the best staff, they have to do more for them than just make sure their piggy bank gets filled every month. It has to make sure the organization climate is good.


What is Organisation climate and who builds it?

The Organisation climate is something that exists in every company and you can instantly recognize it. Because employees are the heart of every Organisation, they are the ones that build it daily with their moods, performance and feelings and therefore create an atmosphere that defines it and separates it from others. Employees build the performance and competitiveness with their satisfaction, motivation, enthusiasm, professionalism and belonging. 


What does the management need to do in order to create a good Climate?

It’s obvious – treating the employees right and investing in the relationships. This means, it ensures them safety and offer the chance to grow, but personally and professionally. Employees feel safe when they know that the company is growing and has good plans for the future – but how do they know about this? Of course, with a good implementation of a communication strategy in the Organization.

And this is the first way to improve it:

1. A great communication strategy
It’s important to have an excellent communication both between employees and teams, as most of the problems you face with in an organization are the result of bad communication. When there are issues in the communication process, everybody loses.

2. Better cooperation

Once you establish a good communication strategy, it’s time to improve cooperation. Encourage team spirit and camaraderie. Celebrate the wins of teams and employees, as well as their birthdays and anniversaries or surprise them with small things like bringing in lunch. Sometimes the small things have the biggest impact. You can also arrange team-building and social activities that allow your team to bond and create a sense of unity.

3. Improve the working environment

Ask your employees what could improve the workplace, be emphatic and really listen to them. The physical environment of the workplace has a huge impact on the organizational climate, which might seem obvious, but companies usually don’t pay enough attention to this aspect.


But before you jump in and start making changes, you should identify your current Organizational climate. You can do this by surveys, focus groups or interviews. We do it in an anonymous way so the employees feel safe when expressing their opinion. If you want us to conduct the study for you, do not hesitate to contact us. With over 10 years of experience, we sure know the best way to do it.

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