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All of our programmes are designed to give you the most in one day and there are always groups with a maximum of 30 people involved – even less in some programmes. Feel free to read about them and sign up below. If you need more information, we are always happy to help.

Please keep in mind, that all the programmes are customisable to give you the best experience if you wish to organise a programme for your organisation.

Get to know the power of communication and why it’s so important.

You will learn all about: the basics of communication, the types of it, non-verbal communication, communication channels, communication with customers, how to identify and improve a difficult communications.

Get to know how the etiquette and protocol evolved through the history, what they are and the differences between them.

You will learn all about the dress code, hand shaking, getting ready for a visit or a dinner, protocolar gifts, how to eat bread, who shakes the hand first and much more.

There is also team work, where we learn how to use the rules in real life.

Get to know all about the process of communication inside the organisation.

You will learn how to identify the communication channels, ways of communication, basics of preparing a strategic plan and much more.

We all know motivation is important, but how to acces it? How to motivate ourselves, what are the motivators and how do they differentiate between generations, what’s the real meaning behind them? Learn all about that and how to establish a positive relathionship with employees and creating a positive environment.

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Our programmes