We improved the climate, but employees are leaving

An organization is a living organism that is constantly evolving and changing. There's something going on in it all the time. New employees are coming, some are leaving, age and education structures are changing, and business is changing – and the organization is constantly adjusting to this.

Sometimes the decision to join or buy another organization, change ownership, relocate activities to another location etc. leads to the occurrence of changes that are reflected in the organization’s operations. Therefore, management must be qualified to meet all these challenges. The Learning Organizations concept facilitates the adaptation of the organization as a living organism, thus constantly monitoring changes and structured leadership of HR staff across all upcoming challenges that come with the only constant there is – change.

If an organization creates a good climate and has a great system of communication, this is by no means a guarantee that it will be successful (at least not in the long run).

happy employee

One important measure is to identify the age structure or generation structure in an organization. Why is this necessary? Because each generation acts differently. Young people function differently than the elderly or those who are just about to retire. They communicate differently and have a different lifestyle. Each generation has its own needs and different motivators. What works for Generation Z will not work for Generation X and vice versa. Therefore, appropriate selection of motivators should also be addressed. If properly selected, employees will have a motivation to stay and no need to change jobs. This also makes the organization more stable by retaining key personnel.

What are motivators and what is motivation? Stay tuned for the next blog.