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Organizational Leadership

Being a successful leader, achieving set goals, and having colleagues who are satisfied and motivated is the desire of most people that lead. In addition to leading others, it is also important for the leader to be able to lead and organize himself. Meaning that he knows himself well, is aware of who he is […]

What makes a good team leader

The key to success when creating a good team – besides gathering team members is choosing the team leader. But beware – team leader is not the head of the entire organization, there is quite a few differences amongst them.  The skills that the team leader needs are: skills for guiding a team and knowledge […]

It’s time to create successful teams after we motivate our employees

When we determine the motivators that our organization needs we are then able to test how these motivators work – after a few months. We can already tell if we made the right choice if we kept the skeleton staff. Once our employees are motivated, it’s time to create teams. Why do we do that […]

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