It’s time to create successful teams after we motivate our employees

When we determine the motivators that our organization needs we are then able to test how these motivators work – after a few months. We can already tell if we made the right choice if we kept the skeleton staff.

Once our employees are motivated, it’s time to create teams. Why do we do that after motivation? The answer is simple. Organizations’ work is basically a stack of projects. The projects are long term, short term, more or less difficult or even really short, like one day projects and so on. But all the projects have something in common – teams make it happen.

But how is a team born and who are the people who will execute the task skillfully and in the determined deadline and smoothly – that’s a challenge for each manager. But we can benefit from the information about the employees from the HR. The results of tests that show character traits and level of knowledge and skills, the way they function and their abilities.

The majority of projects is about creating fresh ideas for products or services, because only new products and services enable the organization to gain competitive edge on the market.

So, to create a team there are multiple methods, but we should always keep in mind which people can work together and which would have difficulties – according to their characters. We have to be careful and put people with the same or much alike characters each in their team, because they would probably not be the best working in the same team.

But what is each individuals’ responsibility? We think about that after the teams are created. So each team has to have a team coordinator, manager of the team and a person that is creative and will be able to reach enthusiasm with her ideas.


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