Organisational Learning in small enterprises and schools

A common misconception is that only corporations and big companies can afford to become a Learning Organisation and improve their business. But that is not the case at all.

An increasing number of organisations are becoming aware of the fact that Learning and knowledge are the main ingredients without which they will not be able to work successfully or even exist in the future. But small and micro firms are often worried – even after realising, that people are definitely a company’s greatest asset – that they cannot become a Learning Organisation themselves, because of their size.

Let’s have a look at the definition of the Learning Organisation first: »A Learning Organization has a working environment that enhances the employees personal and professional growth and uses the potential of its employees«. No sign about what kind of an organisation can use it and that is right.

Any company and organisation – regardless of the size, where the management recognises the importance of workplace Learning, can enter the Learning Organisation process and become the best version of itself.

Not only corporations, but also small and micro firms, as well as schools can become and profit from being a Learning Organization, just as corporations do.

The process consists of the continuous integration and building of individuals, which gives added value and improves the operating conditions for the organisation itself, its employees, and the world – no matter if there is a corporation or a company with just a few employees involved. Organizational Learning process is the same in its core, but adapted for different sizes of the enterprises.

Schools as learning Organizations

The staff of kindergartens and schools needs new knowledge and skills for their smooth, efficient and quality operation just as well as employees in big corporations, if not even more, as they are educating the future generations, that will once be leading us.

A school as a Learning Organisation has a shared vision that gives it a sense of direction and serves as a motivating force for sustained action to achieve individual and school goals. Having a shared vision is more an outcome of a process than it is a starting point – a process that involves all staff, students, parents and other stakeholders. One of the biggest challenges facing communities today is integrating those on the margins of society whose learning difficulties undermine their self confidence. (OECD)

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“It is clearer today than ever that educators need to learn, and that’s why professional learning has replaced professional development. Developing is not enough. Educators must be knowledgeable and wise. They must know enough in order to change. They must change in order to get different results. They must become learners …” (Easton, 2008)

In a school as a Learning Organization, staff are fully engaged and in line with school goals and student learning needs and share their insights. Their workplace learning is also based on assessment and feedback that helps them develop futhers – such reflection and analysis are necessary to address challenges and solve problems, and learn how to enhance student learning and staff practice.

At Life Learning Academia, we realise that all leaders have questions or doubts about becoming a Learning Organisation, even after realizing how important that is. Therefore, we adapted the price and process for the different sized companies and are more than happy to answer all of your questions that you have – please feel free to contact us anytime.

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