Peers for Learning Brand grading

Every year in the conclusion stage of the Learning Brand® process organisations need to prepare all the forms and create a report for outside Peer grading, which grade how successful organisation was at running the process.


Who can be a Peer?

Peers can be persons with 5-10 years of experiences in the field of HR. They need to go through the training program and pass the exam.

At the end of the process the Peers:

 check all the documentation for the final stage of the year process
 check The Final Report (prepared by the Inside peer)
 check the guidelines for the implementation of the process into the organisation
 check the implementation or information among employees about the Learning Brand process
 A peer can make the training program for inside peers or after exam candidates which want
to be peers (in their own country or in foreign country)

*Learning Brand process starts on the 1st of September and finishes on the 31st March next year.

The price for the training is 550,00 € (net) and we kindly invite all that are interested to contact Anamari K. Orehek through or +386 (1) 620 32 28 / +386 31 672 296 or the form below.


Become a Peer:


By participating in events you agree to the use of all film, image and sound rights by the organiser.