Successful work from home requires the right choice of communication tools and channels

Sometimes situations force us into situations, which are a challenge for every organization. The experience of the Corona virus pandemic this year, however is extreme and is not only a challenge but also a difficult test for all organizations.

Most organizations have opted to work from home. In order for an organization to ensure successful work from home, it must have a good communication system/process in place that is respected by all employees, so only by this work from home can be executed smoothly and successfully.

Communication has been the basis for the successful and normal functioning of the organization since ever and you cannot run a business without it – colleagues must talk to each other and be informed by management and only then can management motivate them, create teams, etc.

Communication – how we talk, when, who with whom, in what way and through what channels is the concept of one of the processes in the Learning Brand® system.

delo od doma corona

But it is especially challenging for all organizations to communicate remotely when the organization has units in different locations or even outside the country and also in the current situation when most organizations work from home. It is important, therefore, that the employees’ tasks are defined and they are clearly told who will whom to inform, who will report to whom, through which channel communication will take place, when it will take place and for which group of employees, etc.


The organization of communication channels and processes is therefore very important for the organization. Especially in extreme situations, management must be sufficiently organized to establish proper communication and information as employees expect it, as they are usually frightened, more confused and less self-organized in such situations. With the right policies and a well-established communication system, the organization can be completely unaffected in terms of work, which will be smooth and successful and all employees will receive timely instructions and information they need for their jobs.


Stay healthy, we wish you all the best!