How with a sustainable path to the future 5.0

11th June, Ljubljana Town Hall, Slovenia (1pm - 3pm)

Local and international speakers – experts in their field, both from public and private sector will be adressing the topics of 5.0 technology, sustainability, leadership and much more.

We will be revealing the speakers and the programme at our social media and through our newsletter, so we welcome you to join us.

At the event, we will also be having a ceremony and awarding the Learning Brands® Certificates.

You can only apply until 9th of June

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The Certification process is completely guided. Guidance is available by fill-out forms sent by email to the co-ordinators of cooperating organisations. Forms are very simple to fill up and very useful for their own organisation data. The Learning Brand® Certificate is available to all organisations, no matter what they’re doing or how big they are.

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With the purpose to help all organisations use the knowledge of its employees and to upgrade the existing processes inside the organisations, we are here to help your company become a leader in your field and address all of your queries in the best possible manner.


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